Omg I beat Journ!!!!!

Three times!!! 1v1!!!

Holy snap!!!

First game was me as RUS, Journ as GER, lots of T-60 spamming on Sierra v2
Second game was flipped teams on Tabula v2, I gayly rushed him with a truckful of infantry before he had a barracks up (not worth uploading)
Third game me GER, Journ RUS, some nice artillery dueling, leFH’s slightly longer range and higher RoF won the artillery duel (I also had a Nebelwerfer perform brilliantly in wasting its shots killing a single Russian rifleman before getting flanked and killed). I pushed hard into the southern hills as I wanted to get some Nebelwerfers up there to hit his base but ended up instead using the Command points boost to build some tanks which tipped it all in my favour.

The first game when he said I won I was like “…what? Seriously?”

of course inbetween those three games we had several other games where he ravaged me quite definitively. But shhhh… <_<

and my ass is still sore