Okay, need some help

Right now me and another guy have got the new patches V1.30 and V1.60 we had no trouble installing them. All we did was uninstalled the old one, reinstalled it then but the patches in then updated it (you know when you first turn on Spring 1944 Lobby). Everything works but when we tried to get our 4 other friend to patch it, when they downloaded the patches there system could not read it. It shows them a paper icon that can’t be read. We tried everything and nothing so you are my new hopes?
:no4: :exclamation:

Is he using Vista?
I do.

Is the file in correct format? Vista usually changes the filename when you are about to download it.
Mine v130 is
Vista might have renamed it to ‘S44Pre-M_v130.zip’ or some other .rar or something.
It should be ‘.sd7’. You can change the filename but Vista might not let you change the format and it will be called ‘S44Pre-M_v130.sd7.zip’ for example.
You might have to change the settings so that you have the rights to change the format or else Vista might hide the format away from you.

Is the file in the right folder?
My v130 is in c:\users\godde\documents\my games\spring\mods. That is not my main spring folder.
It could just aswell be in my main folder which is C:\Program Files (x86)\Spring\mods.

He can try to redownload it, make sure it is .sd7 and download it directly into his main spring mod folder.

Could work.

Okay, i have Vista, 1 guy having trouble has Vista the rest is XP but my friend who got his working is XP. They say when it downloads it .sd7 but they can open or unzip them, like the download is not working right but i uninstalled all my stuff re downloaded everything and all links work so. Basicly they just cant run the .sd7 files :angry:

I guess you have gotten Lyuban to work, right?

ArchiveMover is supposed to move the mod to the correct folder. If it does not then you have to move the .sd7 file to the mod folder manually.

You could also ask for help online. Have you tried playing online with Spring Lobby or TASClient?

I have a little trouble understanding what you mean when you say “They say when it downloads it .sd7 but they can open or unzip them…”.

You are not supposed to run or unzip the .sd7 file. Just put in your mod folder.

You run the game by either hosting a game in Spring Lobby or TASClient or running spring.exe.

I hope this helps.