NOTA 1.56 features that could be useful in S44

For NOTA 1.56, Thor (or someone else working on NOTA) has apparently figured how to make vehicles go in reverse. Also, there’s an infiltration KBOT which plants bombs without building them or decloaking. Maybe if someone asked Thor nicely he’d share those features.

Well, they’re GPL (which means we can use them freely), but I just looked at the reverse thing, and it’s a bit hacky - no offense to cake/thor, I’m sure it works really well for a macro oriented game like NOTA. It instantly swaps the unit heading instantly while using a script to adjusts the model position - which is fine generally, but can do weird things with unit targeting (also I don’t envy the job of adding the script to all the units).

This approach has 2 shortcomings which are very important to us.

  1. Restricted-arc weapons. Most TA vehs are tanks with full turret traverse, many of our vehs aren’t.
  2. Directional armor. Can’t be overestimated, a Tiger II that looks like it’s reversing but actually has its frontal armor at the ‘rear’ side is clearly wrong.

I was just discussing a solution for this engine-side with Zerg. Aside from the fact that he says I’m crazy, we already discarded this method.