Normal Mapping

This also shows new track trail decals

fuck, everytime i look at these its like :astonished:

The team-coloured circles around them are ugly and every time I see them in game I must think again how ugly they are instead of how am I going to win the game. There used to be no extra stuff when the unit was not selected and a circle around it when it was selected, which was fine. I think you’re doing it from the wrong end when it comes to making it look nicer.

And sniper animation still isn’t fixed.

I hope that “making it look nicer” will not start to require better (==more expensive) hardware.

  1. Nemo decided to go with the new widget. I didn’t like it at first, but I prefer it now. If you really want to use the old widget… then use the old widget. It’s not rocket science.

  2. Infantry script fixes are low priority right now

  3. Normal mapping can be turned off easily for those who can’t run it, for those who can, the performance difference is negligible anyway.

hello from russia!

unfortunately I probably won’t be able to get to infantry scripts for quite some time, although nothing is certain.

floz - I’m glad it grew on you :stuck_out_tongue:

zcram - its also really easy to make the circle fainter, or just disable the widget (we can stick the old one back in disabled by default pretty easily). I prefer the widget because it gives us a fairly unobtrusive method to show which team units belong to without daubing them in gaudy teamcolor.

also, these look amazing, very cool - fair to say ‘pro quality’ I think

i think the circles will help a lot when observing an air battle.