Noobs battle , wich was a horror (preM230)

both went air , no one pushed , only porc throwing air at enemy base without aiming anything. Bombers died without bombing.

I would like fighters without LoS.

[13:46:25] <[SIN]Godde> its not a like a plane would repport the location of every single infantry they see
[13:46:47] <[SIN]Godde> and fighters are up there to look for enemy planes in the sky
[13:47:07] <[Ants]JAL> airsuperiority fighters only
[13:47:21] <[Ants]JAL> others can attack ground
[13:48:23] <[Ants]JAL> and dont forget , s44 should be playable for noobs, or who will play it?
[13:49:08] <[Ants]JAL> i wached a noob game , they went air, guess what happend
[13:49:13] <[SIN]Godde> the air died
[13:49:26] <[SIN]Godde> i guess
[13:49:29] <[Ants]JAL> yea, they didnt aim anything
[13:49:47] <[Ants]JAL> just thowing over enemy’S base
[13:51:13] <[SIN]Godde> you got a point here
[13:51:35] <[SIN]Godde> how should air be balanced in both the hands of a skilled player and a noob?
[13:53:56] <[Ants]JAL> hm, heavy AA at start or camoflaged storages , bombers should bomb at their target from radar
[13:54:19] <[Ants]JAL> u can change their target later
[13:54:30] <[Ants]JAL> but that way even noob can use them

If fighters would make more succesful passes instead of just passing over their target planes would be easier to use.