No Surrender!

Players:Applkn vs JAL
Map:Nuclear Winter 1944
Game version:Pre-M RC 105
Engine version: 0.81.2
Awesome rating (out of 5): ****

It was german vs russia, hm Appl snipes my vehicles away then my T34 , i got pushed , panthers r showing up, i need SU100 very fast.

Nice game even though it ended before the end.
What a tank grave there. More than 20 Panther and Tiger I became victim to the very few SU-100. One Tiger died next to the production site against 1! Partisan… :astonished: It makes you weep :laughing:

Recon and well positioned units are really crucial :bulb:

Yeah, I usually try to put my tanks on high ground and in “hull-down” fighting positions, with scouts flanking the enemy’s line of approach downrange. Long-range tanks and TDs like Tigers then rack up a pretty gruesome kill score.