Next Release (1.0?)

So as not to get too stalled out while I’m in exam hell, I figured it would be good to put down what exactly is holding us up from the next release.
To do:
Finish sound revamp so it doesn’t crash on OpenAL.

Done, need evaluating:

  • Planes
  • New game modes (take/hold, deployment)
  • ?

Gameplay testing
Need lots.
Things to look at particularly in gameplay (recent changes):

  • Planes. Dur.
  • Base spawning.
  • Reduced firearcs on guns/arty.
  • Halved suppression radii for explosives.
  • Cheaper AT guys
  • Unlimited barracks/stuff

Potential changes:

  • Armor costs.


  • Projectiles passing through buildings - added collisionvolumetype=ellipsoid to all facs, should reduce this problem.
  • MG crawling. Grrr.
  • Commanders in deployment - done rev 1150. Nice catch Zerg.
  • Fixed sound crash for linux users (messed with flamer sound a bit)
  • Tobi fixed random units decapping flags

Two notes about C.R.A.I.G. in relation to it being included in a major S44 release:

  • It’s currently technically possible to write a cheat widget that allows you to control the teams controlled by C.R.A.I.G. Not sure you guys think it matters, but noting it anyway. If you think it does matter, just tell me, then I can make a 3.1 version with this exploit fixed. (Otherwise I’ll probably procrastinate on this point until someone actually made such cheat widget :stuck_out_tongue:)

  • It might be good to check if a sufficient amount of maps (in particular the 1944_* ones) is supported. If not, I put instructions on how to create waypoint profiles here :wink:

My advertising work for this release fell apart due to our long period of game and installer problems, followed by an immense time drain. To avoid this for the next release I plan to make some of my plans generalizable and put together packages so other people can engage in the more general ones without my direct involvement.

Q: What about the UI will there be a new User Interface?

No. way too much work for the amount time between now and when we’d like to release.

oh… i hope there will be one ay… …spike made a UI i think?

Spiked made some graphics and mock ups…actually making that appear ingame is a very different story.

I talked to alot of People which playing Spring-Games and the most would wish some Eye-Candy i think the UI is very Important. And much more important for Newbies in Spring-Games a UI maby would make othere people more interissting in Spring - Games.

Here is a qutoe I found on the Web:

Someone who played it ^^
If S44 will get a great UI i think some “other Games can cut of a piece of the team”, i hope you guys understand the metapher
I hope you guys think about to include it maybe in any release after the next.

Source: Link

oh, where the hell is spike i need to talk to him…?

FLOZi - any chance you could adapt the icon code from ammo or suppression to draw the unit icon on the top right hand corner of the unit, scaling with distance?

In other news, Tobi is brilliant - he found the problem behind random units decapping flags and fixed it. Wooo!

To do:
fix aircraft costs.
nerf AA guns vs ground targets - nerfed range by 15% for bofors/61k, damage by a good bit, edgeeffectiveness, reload 25% higher.
check MG changes to make sure it’s not Spring:1917 again

i need to add that the most sounds dont work on LinuX for example, destroying sounds or hitting sounds i just played with the nebelwerfer and it dont makes any sounds, this can have the following reasons:

  • There are no players or codecs for .wav - files
  • Not the right or bad or not supported driver for LinuX

Well this are reason which not the problem by the Game, more by the user/gamer well LinuX plays OGG-files very well.

I tested on a Realtek ALC 662 (not 100% sure) with ALSA mixer.

Well i am not sure but to convert it all in ogg files or in the same files like CA (which sounds work perfect) have would fix it maybe…

AFAIK the sounds are being fixed. Flamethrower sound used to crash Spring under ubuntu, now it doesn’t.

well no i played alot on Ubuntu 8.10 Spring 1944 9.0 and 9.2 it never crashes only after loading because of the wrong bot i choosed.
I only had this sounds problem i think maybe its because of my sound driver which is trash but i wanted to note it :-/ same on my notebook (Acer Aspire 7530)

If converting to ogg will solve the problem, I can do that this afternoon, its not a hard change.

Issues I found:

  • Buildpic for US air control thing - done
  • Buildpic for GBR air control thing - done
  • Buildpic for Sd. kfz. 2cm 10/5 Flak 38 (german light AA) - mobile AA has been removed
  • Decal below Russian air control unit, so it looks less like a mobile truck, and more like a deployed something? - done
  • Visual indication of the need for second click after clicking on deploy for directional things (dashed line from unit to cursor?) - done

Also, is it intentional that US and GBR don’t have light AA vehicle? Do some of the halftracks fulfill this role?

mhmm then i would personaly think about two version a LINUX version and a Windows version, but idk if that work? together? i think ogg files windows can play without problems…too (I play files with VLC, BF2 have ogg files but i think BF2 have is own player)

US has AA MGs on most of its vehicles and tanks, so that somewhat covers it for them (although I need to make sure the MGs are reasonably effective).

Britain has one somewhere, just hasn’t been skinned.

Neither has sdkfz10/5.

US M16MGMC and british T17E2 hae both been modellled but not uved or texxed and more importantly perhaps, are not in game at all.