New vehicle movement -> endless circles

Some vehicles end up going around in circles endlessly when given a move order and they pass close to but not exactly over the destination point. Happens when a vehicle reaches top speed and therefore cannot turn tight enough to ever pass over the destination point so it keeps circling around. I noticed this with the Russian tankettes and assault guns.

To reproduce just build a Russian vehicle yard and a bunch tankettes and/or assault guns. Order all of them to move to a distant location and some of them are bound to get caught in the “death spiral”.

I was using rev 936 at the time.

That’s because of turninplace=0; in their fbi. Maybe a widget can fix that.

this is a spring engine problem; will be fixed in the next version (fix is already commited.)

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We’ll still need to write a gadget to set up their movement characteristics properly, but I don’t think it’ll be super mega hard. It’ll let us model movement characteristics much more accurately, anyways (something like defining a maximum turn angle without slowdown, and then the slowdown rate beyond that). I can work on this once I get through with take/hold mode, and we’re working on aircraft.