new release?

Will there be a new release for spring 0.77b4 any time soon? I’m pining for all the new stuff! :smiley: Or is it still a closed beta? :frowning:

Soon :wink:

Can’t be any more specific than that yet. :frowning:

ok thx! I cant wait!! ive followed this mod since it’s humble beginnings! :smiley: but i didnt sign up for the beta because I am rubbish at everything spring-related for the minute…

a lot beter at cossacks… :slight_smile:

We were waiting for a new Spring engine release, now that it’s out, our release time will also come soon.
S’44 gameplay has some reminisecnce of Cossacks, hordes of Soviet partisans = algerian archers for ex. :slight_smile: (more or less, archers are way more spammable of course).

:smiley: LOL! and denmark is GB (coz denmark kicks butt)