new release? V 2.0

hahaa lol :smiley: so? any news on a release? (lovely screenies btw! this is also my feeble attempt to get some forum activity :frowning: this is the only topic that gets any people talking lol)

Well, the new infantry scripts are in now, so testing began in earnest tonight. :stuck_out_tongue: Admittedly by the time we were ready to go it was just me and Nemo, and by the time we had fought through the myriad of sync issues relating to the non-packged nature of the mod, we only had time for one game.

But it was a damn good game, imo. The new lua controlled flags and suppression performed admirably. Eventually the squad spawner let us down (problem should now be fixed) and we decided to call it a draw. Which for me is quite an achievement as Nemo would usually steamroller me. The lua flags have made the early game less micro intensive though which helped level the playing field, as did the more prevelant nature of the lua suppression.

Too bad new scripts are Germans-only so far, my testing ability with them is rather low compared to USSR. But I can test anyway, if the tests take place somewhat earlier than 0:00 GMT+2 :slight_smile: (I need to sleep sometimes, too)

Pending any show stopping bugs cropping up in the next few games, we can start rolling out all the changes across all sides :slight_smile:

Yeah, that was a really great game. Lua flags and suppression are awesome, and I really liked the dynamic that crawling brought to the game.

I do want to keep the scripts on germany only for a little bit, since there are sure to be problems that pop up which are much easier to fix when the change only needs applying to 6 scripts instead of ~40. However, once theyโ€™re more or less hammered out, spreading them to other nations should be a fast process. There are still some issues related to grenading, for example (although this is only 7 units in the game, so that on its own isnโ€™t a showstopper for rolling things out).

Rifles might be a tad weak now - further testing on more open maps will determine that. Otherwise though, I was really happy with infantry balance, and balance/gameplay in general.

Woohoo! AVTIVIITYYYYYY! :smiley: gd news! thx for saying! i wont bother you anymore. BTW, have you fixed a bug (ithink that it was germans) where when a large infantry unit was recruited, it had big problems at leaving the barracks? I think it just got stuck inside and needed some manouvering to reach the door. but ive never had any other problems.

Yep, that has been resolved. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: thx for the quick reply just a waiting game for a new release now then :mrgreen: