New release soon (week or less?)

PreL2 v045 seems to be going really well, a few things are being fixed, but generally it seems quite solid.

I’ve added trucks to rax, I haven’t heard of much else.

Neddie, you wanted to do some icons - there’s no problem with letting 045 get some more playtime prior to release, but do you have a sense of when you might reach those?

Other reasons why this build shouldn’t be released?

My desktop is not currently functional, so don’t wait for the icons. I need to write a few papers, restore the computer and then move all my non-gaming activity to Ubuntu. I am entirely done with reinstalling Windows again and again.

Go ahead! Make sure to post on ModDB and the current array of forums we have footholds in. I would recommend some discussion of future historical/period campaign plans on the forums to stir up interest among the reenactment nuts.