New Map - 1944_BloodBay

Hello all,

This is my first foray into map creation for any Spring game. I would appreciate it if you would take a look at it and give me some feedback. It is called 1944_BloodBay. It will be posted on the Spring Map site.



Also, is there a way to tell the map to let you build naval yards? Or is it set by some other parameter?

Naval yards are built by pontoon trucks (buildable at veh. yard), not by engineers. Just drive the pontoon truck into water and deploy it. If it can’t enter water, then cliffs are too steep.

The map linked in the first post is a .sdd in a rar archive renamed to sd7. That shouldn’t work. Archive type should be 7z.

Will WinRAR work, or is another program necessary?

I would recommend “7zip” program to get the correct file extension.
Eager to try out your map!

I have re-uploaded it with the 7z file format. It should work now.

I did not played the map yet. But it looks interessting for defensive players. Are those hills very high?

Damn I should start Spring anytime soon. :blush:

Played the map.
Scale the dimentions 1.8 times (to 14x14)
Scale metalspots income amount 1.3 times.
Needs features and a more uneven tex.
It’s a bit too obviously symmetric.

Fixed starting positions don’t work, they are wrongly placed; current order starting from the upper lefthand corner and going clockwise is: 2,1,3,4; but should be: 3,1,2,4.