New 3d model editor (with s3o support)

While browsing through a Russian TA fan forum I stumbled upon a link to this. From the description that’s a new model editor for TA-related games (OTA, TA3D and Spring), and it does load s3o models (though I haven’t found how to load the texture yet). Might be an alternative to upspring, esp if it doesn’t mess up models on scaling.
Upd: on more detailed examination I found that tool isn’t suited for our needs. It can only save into TA3D 3dm format (though it does read 3do, s3o, obj). Well, maybe someone will code 3dm support for Spring sometime in the future, since that format seems to support multipte textures.

Wheres the link?

…the link to this
This board does a poor job at link highlighting, the link is

the word “this” was the link i first was searching too lol.