Needed infantry models

Currently the following infantry models are needed:

  • sailors for main sides (for manning open weapons on boats). Soviet one was made by recoloring infantryman, since there was a naval uniform of a similar design to the infantry, but I don’t think German or British navy used anything like infantry uniforms;

  • infantrymen for Italy and Japan - just a basic human model with their side’s specific uniform/helmet (I can add weapons myself if the model lacks them). Japanese soldier should be a bit smaller compared to the others;

  • a pilot model for biplanes (really just a head+upper torso would be enough, no more is visible anyway). This one could be used for Soviet and Italian recon planes.

British Sailor in battle dress:

British ‘Landing craft’ sailor:

Canadian/British Marine:

Also damn it Yuri you’ve got me thinking about the naval trees again :laughing:

What I’d prefer (Note lack of big LCT’s):



  • Mk IV Assault Boat (Goatley) - River assault boat
  • Class 50/60 Raft - River crossing pontoon
    Amphib upgrade to vehicle depot:
  • Buffalo IV - Amphib APC with 20mm polsten
  • Terrapin - Amphib supply truck
    Via buoy:
  • LCA - Landing Craft (Comes with its own marines)
  • LCS(M) 3 - Light support craft (50cals & smoke mortar)
  • LCS(L) 1 - Medium support craft (2pdr turret, 50cals, smoke mortar)
  • LCS(L) 2 - Heavy support craft (50cals, smoke mortar, 6pdr turret)
  • LCG(M) - Heavy support craft (20mm & 17 or 25pdrs)



  • PG117 - Fast assault boat
  • N2P Pontoon Raft - River crossing pontoon
  • DUKW - Amphib supply truck
  • DB - Landing Craft (Comes with its own marines)
  • DB w/ 37mm AA - Light support craft
    DB w/ 82mm M-8-M rocket launcher - Glass katyusha
  • G-5 w/ 82mm M-8-M rocket launcher
  • DB 100mm Floating Battery - Glass cannon
  • BKA-1125 - Light Armoured Cutter
  • BKA-1124 - Medium Armoured Cutter
  • MBK (Pr 161) - Heavy Armoured Cutter



  • Sturmboot 39 - River assault boat
  • Brückengerät J 43 - River crossing pontoon
  • LWS - Amphib supply truck
  • Infantrielandungsboote (Siebel) - Landing Craft (Comes with its own marines)
  • le KF40 - Light support siebel with 20mm & 37mm flak
  • s KF40 - Medium support siebel with 88mm
  • MAL II - Heavy support craft (20mm & 105mm)



  • M2 Assault Boat - River crossing / assault boat
  • M1940 Heavy Pontoon Raft - River crossing pontoon
  • DUKW - Amphib supply truck
  • LVT-A(1) - Amphib light tank
  • LVT-A(4) - Amphib assault gun
  • LVT-4 - Amphib APC
  • LCVP - Landing Craft (Comes with its own marines)
  • LCS(S) - Light support craft (50cal & smoke rockets)
  • LCS(L)3 - Probably still massively OP



  • Type 95 Collapsible Boat - River assault boat
  • Type 99 Pontoon - River crossing pontoon

Su-Ki - Amphib supply truck
Type 2 Ka-Mi - Light amphib tank (37mm)
Type 3 Ka-Chi - Light amphib tank (47mm)
Type 4 Ka-Tsu - Amphib APC


  • Daihatsu - Landing craft (Comes with its own marines)
  • AB-Tei - Armoured landing support boat
  • Karo-Tei - Gunboat

I remeber that I did an Italian model it was basically a german with a different helmet.
I also did the weapons for italy already. The must be in the Planning section/UnitList Thread as .rar file.


I used your italian infantry model on basic infantry but with US texture.