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I try to make a bunker, I’m lost with texture making, If some one can give e some tips… :mrgreen:
My biggest problem is the colour.

(only walls are UV-mapped)

Well, concrete ages differently depending on local weather, climate and pollution factors. You might want to toss in some lighter lines here and there to indicate a varied mixture, and bands or clouds of browned or reddish grey to show spills, water damage, dust build up, etcetera.

I’m agree, each bunker is different. My big problem is I don’t master gimp and blender… I spent 8 or 10 hours today to make that :

I don’t like the camo one, but the camo texture making is easy and maybe useful for other thing…
I didn’t added horizontal lines, because I would lke to make (my first :smiley: ) normal map, and the question is how do that ? I’m looking on the web to find a software working on linux…

For the normal maps i’ve been experimenting with (just generated from the diffuse texture), i use the old nvidia commandline tools (nvdxt, as opposed to nvtt(nvcompress)). The source code is available if you can’t find them precompiled for linux.

I’ve found a gimp’s plugin to generate normal map, I will not have a lot of time this week end, but I hope to play with today.