Naval ships and units

Hi hi,

Am new to this wonder Spring RTS game.

I see ships units in the respective folders of the Marketgarden release.

Are the ships ready to be play?

Cause most of the maps I do not see sea routes for the ships to battle.

Thanks for all the help.


The ships can be used (but AFAIK some of the planned ones are not ready/in yet). Shipyard is a deployable amphibious vehicle built from the vehicle yard. The AI doesn’t know how to use ships (you need to play with several people). Water maps go as far as your own choosing preference can provide. Tangerine, Small Supreme Islands, europe_a2, etc.

Just to clear some doubts, am very new to the game.

You mention that the shipyard is to build by a vehicle yard. Any units/country I select will have vehicle yard? or I have to built it?

On the AI, Will I be able to test the ships with an AI first?
Like to play around and see what I can do?
Or must i play in a multiplayer setting?

Oh ya, just to ask also, how do you play with people over the internet?
I tried a couple of times and I couldn’t log on to the server from spring lobby.

Thanks lots for the help :smiley:

You have to build it.
If you are playing Marketgarden 1.52 you have to upgrade the vehicle yard aswell. When you have the vehicle yard there are button for that. In the newest Market Garden Prerelease 1.53 RC4 the poontoon truck can be built in the barracks.

You can use ships against the AI but the AI won’t use ships. If you start a singleplayer game with Springlobby you should select C.R.A.I.G. as the AI. It works much better than the other AIs’.

You should be able to connect with Springlobby. I’m not sure what the problem is. Have you made a username and password? Where did you get the springlobby from?

You’re welcome.

Please enable “Enable Sandbox/GM tools faction” in the ‘options’ tab when hosting,
and choose the “Random Team (GM)” faction in the battleroom screen. This way you can build any unit existing in the game with no prerequisites whatsoever; set up battles to your liking, etc.

You need to register first. This is mandatory. The lobby service is common to all of spring, but the lobby service, the forums of,, etc are all separate entities and do not share any login information.

Hi Hi!

Thanks alot for the help so far, i manage to get the ship working.
And logging on to the lobby, will definitely try out a multiplayer game soon.

Is there any sites where I could learn more about the updated game play in marketgarden?
Cause the spring 1944 main side wiki is quite outdated with the info.

Would like to ask, is it that all countries in the game have ships?
Cause i try some and they do not have the field engineer options to built the depolyable shipyard.
Or it depends on the coding on which sides start with what units?

Hmm… In order to get ships… in any nation (except Soviets, you must build barracks first and then train an advanced engineer to build light vehicle yard I think…) you just have to do the following Build Order (BO):

-Build Light Vehicle Yard.
-Upgrade Light Vehicle yard to: Light Armor Upgrade.
Then the Pontoon Truck must show up in the upgraded vehicle yard (now Light Armor/Vehicle Yard).
-Build the Pontton Truck from the upgraded yard.
-Then send the Pontoon Truck to the water and deploy it there.
-Tata! Shipyard ready.

Hehe… I know but… The developers keep breaking through and making us happy with version updates… so it’s hard to keep that up-to-date.

I tried the Soviets, but i couldn’t get the ships.

Is there a certain settings that I have to have?