My rather personal thoughts on gameplay

Since v0.9 has been a huge succes with a wide acceptance, I am hereby
writing down a few notes. Indeed – v0.9 only has had only a few minor
glitches and no big bugs, I’ve been playing it over a few days now and
it has been really satisfying and addictive.

The pounders have been truly refined and are much more pleasing to use.
Still, it has been difficult to set the direction of one without it actually
trying to move at the same time. Therefore, it would be highly beneficial to
make the moving and turning of arty units a separate feature somehow.

Secondly, regarding the much awaited for air battles, what I think would make
the gameplay most interesting would be the inclusion of a transport aircraft
that could load infantry (and perhaps provide supplies when landed) much like
the transport trucks of the current version. The infantry would then deploy
parachutes at the unload area and land to wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting
enemy from the rear end. Naturally, to compensate for this unmanly endeavour,
the time for loading the troops onto the plane would then have to be increased
significantly. Certain types of infantry should also be denied entry to the
plane, like mortar crews and ‘field support guns’.

This would then really make some interesting tactics viable like putting
observers to difficultly accessible spots, and attacking unguarded pounders from
behind with just a few infantrymen!

And again, very good work indeed as everyone is playing with great fulfillment
and awaiting the next release!


This is being explored.

Would require considerable work, may be explored.

Hey Guys, instead of opening a new thread I just add a post to this one, as it fits my intention.

I damn like Spring 1944! It is so much better than other Springmods but here are some questions/requests from my side.

When you said, realism is number one priority you probably didn’t want to end up both sides hiding behind there artilleries without no coming through… because that’s what in the mid-game happens…it slows the game down and almost creates a stalemate.
I hope the planes will give enough new ways to break such arti-lines in the future.
But I think what a game needs to be interesting to the end are superweapons, to turn the outgoing until the end. Is that possible?

And last but not least: Spring has very nice models and the effects are good, but would it be possible to use effects (like explosions) from other mods (CA) or to implement the bloom-shader or so?

You probably have already thought about all of this, but I thought I had to share my impressions, cause that stalemate really keeps me from playing spring. Nevertheless: Awesome work! Im sure you’ll keep improving Spring 1944 !

Tiger II is superweapon enough imo. We had more heavy stuff planned initially (like 150+mm arty for all sides, up to 210mm mortars and 8" guns), but it’s not done yet, not sure it will even be done. Air should bring enough hitting power for the balance to change.

It shouldn’t be nearly such an issue next version. Which should be ready soon, we just need to playtest it.

i love the idea of having unqie units, and super weapons, but really as a modder imo it should be at the end of the to do list. the basics still need to be solid to even start planning all the other goodies. thats just my 2 cents