My map won't load

I try loading up my map, but it isn’t loading. Its some sort of Runtime error or whatever. It stops when it trys to make square tile textures

I’m getting really upset with my game. I just downloaded it, and its not working. Is it like my computer or something. I’m using a windows. None of my chosen maps arre downloading. It can’t load tile textures, and i always get a message saying, “spring.exe” stopped working.

Can someoine help me?

never mind this is stupid. I can’t get anything to work. I think it may be my pc. You guys need to seriously think about ungrading your software to where its compatiable with EVERY PC.

Hi there!

I don’t understand your problem completly.
Could you please make it more clear what you are trying to accomplish.

Have you made a map?
Are you trying to upload a map?
Where are you trying to upload the map?

Have you downloaded a map?
How do you try to start the game?

Could you provide more information about what version of the game you are using?
What Spring 1944 version are you using? Market Garden? Lyuban? Morgenrote?
What Spring engine version are you using? Spring 85.0 is the latest version.

Further information about your system specifications would be required if we are to determine if there are compatibility issues with your PC.
What version of windows are you using?
What is your Graphics card? Nvidia or ATI?
What processor do you got?


Hi Firered!

I’m sorry you’re having such a rough time getting S44 to work (and it is true that we have some work to do to make getting the game running more user-friendly), but without answers to the questions that godde asked, it is really really hard for us to help you out in any way.

As an aside, we don’t have the budget (or a budget at all, rimshot!) to keep tech support staff online to answer questions immediately like major corporations do - in the future, when asking for tech help on a forum, wait at least a day or two before giving up. The first I’m seeing of your request for help is a progression from “help I have this problem” to “your game stinks” in less than 40 minutes…

Yes, sorry about that. i was really mad last night. There were some personal issues, it wasn’t just the game.

I downloaded two maps from One was gunmetal harbor, and i forgot what the other one was. I deleted the entire game together, including the spring engine. So when i downloaded them i followed the directions and clicked the tools drop down box, and then clicked “reload maps/games.” This was in the spring lobby. And if your going to ask if spring lobby was up to date, then “yes” it was.

I started the game. It was on the screen where the map is loading. The game buffers out somehwere around loading the tiles. Then crashes on me when loading tile textures.

I’m not for sure if its my computer’s processor, or just something else. I keep getting a message from Microsoft Visual C++ saying there’s a Runtime error. I’ll tell you my computer’s properties.

Maunfacturer: HP
Presario CQ56 (or Compaq) Notebook PC
Processor: Intel Celron CPU 900 @ 2.2GHz
RAM: Installed memory: 2GB (i could get another memory chip to make this better. My PC can fit 2 )
Windows 7 64x bit

Okay hopefully this information helps you

As far as the game version, well i happen to be using “MarketGarden 85.0”. And honestly i don’t know where to look to find out what graphics card i use.

Sorry again, for attitude switch there. There’s was just this huge arguement with my girlfriend, and plus i lost like $20 in football bet with a friend. You understand. I really want to delete my last post, but i don’t know how to, so i fixed it up a bit. Shouldn’t have took my anger out on a forum that i probably won’t even use that much.

Kind Regards,


If you look in your spring directory, there should be an infolog.txt after you (attempt to) run the engine. That will tell us your graphics card and should indicate where the problem lies (Almost certainly an issue with Intel graphics chip / drivers from what you have already told us.)