My computer and will be weak that I can not play?

My computer is weak, it meets the minimum requirements, but with the minimum I need conseguireri play with bots?

Use anti virus avast, I have to turn to play?

All active programs will have to disable?

My computer has:

Processor Intel Celeron D (420) 1600 GHz.

512 MB of ram.

80 GB HD.

Intel video card with 128 MB of memory.

Can I play with this?

Excuse my English, is that I live in Brazil, you know very little.

I used an automatic translator.

Thank you.

Video card seems too weak (may not support spring at all), 512 RAM is too low as well.

If you can increase your RAM to 1 GB or higher, you might be able to play.

uff… well you should upgrade your system to run the game.

You -should- be able to run the game at 10 fps (if you’re lucky) on mostly low settings w/ some stuff turned off, with next to no units. :wink:

Before I had this PC, I was running Spring on an Intel Celeron 2.4 ghz (the old Pentium 4 era one), a 64 mb chipset (intel 845G I think) and 1 gb of ram, although I DID run OTA previously on 256mb of ram, but that was unbearable.

So, Upgrade your RAM, and you might just be able to run S44. But preferably, upgrade your entire PC.