Dont waste your time creating mutators.

I have some doubts about the change for bazooka :
1- if Bazooka range get increased, then the panzershreck should be increased proportionaly.
2- even if it could theoreticaly shoot so far : its effective range was more limited.
3-this weapon was more shity than you think :
_ Only 0.7kg of explosive )
_Unable to destroy a T34-85 even aiming the rear. … ent_Reagan
_The M20 superbazooka hurriedly pushed in front were of 89mm diameter (close of the panzershreck 88mm)

I suggest a +100 increase, or a lower accuracy at longer ranges… and damages lowered to panzershreck level.

The replay shows very nice how it works , increased panzerschrecks range to 510 already (+150) so its longer than bazooka, but for next version only .
Anyway i want to focus on naval a bit more , i still need depth charges and torpedo planes .

Depth charges? You made the subs buildable? Then make them morphable, too, so they can dive and surface.

Does that work (I made it work) , i was thinking that they have 2 be surfaced to reload , but i am not sure how to do that .

I noticed while testing that some boats (Flottentorpedoboat) can attack subs with torpedos.

Spring:1944 version are named after real operations. If you agree we could call the mutator “Operation Unthinkable”.
MUhuhahahahahaha ! ! ! !

The plan suggested an attack through the north with the help of western naval superiority they could deploy at the baltic sea. Supporting the allied ground force attacking in coast.

I played vs craig, panzerschreck and commandos r nasty.

Finally i made a anti sub mortar weapon . The BMO is a real subchaser now :slight_smile: .

I added more stuff , i hope i can do that repository thing soon.

EDIT: newer version (sd7)

JAL, I added depth charge throwers to RUSPr7 and RUSPSK models, now you can use them.
Also, here’s something special - a battleship, mostly working (it hits 32 weapons limit, so only the first 32 weapons work). Feel free to include. And it has a lua unit script.

I need help with some ship scripting , i wanted 2 add the throwers.

JAL, I found something very interresting : Skip Bombing

The P47D will have 2 bombs, but if you want I can work on skip bombing since spring supports bounce on water.

Funny shoot with flottentorpedoboot

I post files of modified p47d and ISU and IS2’s gun. (Next time, I will try to make a commit myself. sorry)

I tried to add a chicken thing , very bug , i have to use 2 chickenbots 2 make 1 work.
My lua skills r poor :frowning: . … ndance.sdz

I’ve kind of always wanted to see the P-38 Lightning in Spring: 1944, perhaps as a replacement for the P-51D-25 - it often flew ground-attack missions during the Normandy campaign, carrying 10 HVARs and a pair of 500-pound bombs.

Just to clarify something so that people aren’t confused by silly language from ppsh:

In philosophy.txt, ppsh wrote that

This is pretty much flat out incorrect. anybody who wants is free to take our work and make their own game/mutator/mod with it. There is nothing like an ‘official’ mutator, and anyone who says that THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE S44 MUTATOR is just being silly. If there is someone who wants to build something and ppsh disagrees with it…just make your own mutator! it is super simple and I’ll probably even help if you ask.

Not to mention all reasonable suggestions eventually persuade us. See Finland.



I did it again !

:laughing: … ator18.sdz
based on MG 1.5

changelog in the sdz file.

prolly last one for MG 1.5 … ator20.sdz

EDIT : … tor21b.sdz
with some fixes.

EDIT 2 : other mutator ,CHICKENS

EDIT 3: fixed some errors in SillMutator … or22fi.sdz

EDIT 4: … tor23b.sdz
i changed the rocketplanes a bit.

A SillyMutator merged with RC4