Spiked’s committing the anthems for the yard responses is a neat idea (although they play over each other currently).

Might be an idea to shift the anthems to when you finish building the flags (and that way it can be played by the script rather than by the user’s click).

Also, I think it would be a lot of fun to add in wartime music for all sides as much as we can - either as soundtrack, or as factory responses. It adds a LOT to the game, I think.

American music: (beware the occasionally mega-racist song like “whack the jap” - most of it isn’t so bad).

Soviet music (loads of it): … tegory=war

I’m having a harder time with british and german music - I imagine we’ll have to look a bit harder for german music that isn’t nazi-based. but orchestral or harmless things like lili marlene should be ok.

Here is a Russian site with German war songs. They have mp3 downloads of those as well. They have lyrics for each song in German and Russian, so I can easily check them for bad stuff.

I had a British site lined up, I’ll look for it again.