Multiplayer scenario #1 (Caucasus Skirmish)

I built this a little while ago, it uses the Caucasus skirmish map, and I’ll re-upload using Konstantin later today.

What is this?

It is basically a mission in which you start with a set amount of units and the enemy (AI) starts with a set amount of units and you have to carry out some task, like destroy the fuel depot or kill the artillery, or just kill the enemy.

It was an early attempt to get “missions” going. We may yet work on something like this – infact several somethings like this one day if we ever get to the point of making single-player missions. We already have the framework for having things like scripted and triggered events (ie when you kill something, something happens, like an A-bomb drops on your head).

This was a fun little multiplayer mission, both players started with preset troops and no base (and no supplies too AFAIR). Soviet player had to destroy a German artillery group while German player had to prevent that. Artillery was ‘neutral’ in that it wasn’t controllable by either player and was set to fire off-map constantly. I’ve had some fights with Nemo on that, with him beating me constantly :slight_smile:

Yeah, pretty cool at the time and still unreplicated.