Mufuckin' Flak mufuckin' 36

Mufuckin’ 88 mufuckin’ millimeter mufuckin’ anti-tank mufuckin’ gun.

Niiiiiiice … I’ve wanted to see this baby. It would allow me to free up my Tigers and Jagdpanthers from defensive duties and give the Germans something on par with the 17-pounder AT gun.

Plus, the FlaK 36 is just a classic gun.

Will it be possible to use it against both Planes and Tanks? Or will you give it to a truck with the abilitiy to morph into a AA version or a AT version with camo and shield or sth.?
Or simply against both (should move slower then the regular AA)

However this massive piece of steel will help alot :slight_smile:

except… against partisans xD

It will be useless against all but large bombers, so no point in even letting it.

That’s just not correct…

So i hope to see it soon in a flexible role of engagement in that game…


Or take a look at this…

So why this gun is still not available in the game!??!?


I think he meant that it would not be useful against smaller planes. No one has questioned it’s AT capabilities.

Because we’re not making a simulation, but a game. and in game terms, this unit does not fulfill a role which would create more depth in the gameplay. We have no bombers, so there are no air targets for it to shoot at, and germany has zero need for heavier AT guns - they already possess all of the heaviest AT guns in the game (mounted on jagdpanther, for example).

Aside from that, armor combat is already HIGHLY defensive. adding heavy stationary AT guns will just worsen that problem and lend even more to unfun stalemate-style gameplay.

Isn’t that a contradiction to…

So, in terms of realism… there will be no 88?


Well technically Tiger already has the 88.

Second only to implies that Realism is, in fact, secondary to making a “fun game”.

You also misunderstood my statement:

By this I meant that in the anti-aircraft role it would be useless against anything but heavy bombers, of which we have none and have no plans for, so there is no point in even letting it shoot at aircraft at all. Logically therefore one can assume this means its role will solely be ground based.

If you’re going to go into a huffy flinging wikipedia links and l33t History Channel knowledge around, first make sure you actually comprehend what you’re replying to. Thanks.

Could that just be shortcomings in player tactics? For instance, the Brits got around Rommel’s 88 traps by simply calling in rolling artillery barrages ahead of their tanks; the howitzer rounds would turn the crews into hamburger and then the tanks could advance. If I were playing the Soviets vs. Germany you can bet that a nest of 88s would be an open invite to Katyusha the bejeebers out of the place and then ram a load of tanks right through the remains.

To weigh in, the 8.8cm will obviously be quite powerful an anti-tank weapon as well as have the ability to turn a full 360 degrees, but will also be the weakest anti-tank platform by far due to its large size; its crew are very exposed and lack protection of any kind.

My thoughts: :unamused:

Well depending how much the weapon costs in game it enables me to free up my Panthers and other heavy tanks for attacks not to mention that it was also used as Arty. However for Germany it will change the gameplay I think and you can play more offensive with the tanks instead using them for defensive.

On the other hand the Flak36 could be a nice target for enemy howitzers and they could easy destroy them after my attack was lost the enemy counter attacks and simply breaks my lines if I don’t have any tanks for defensive. And if the enemy attack my defensive line with arty even the Flak36 will not help to protect against advancing forces and heavy arty bombing.

The only advantage of the Flak36 is that Germany could use the tanks more instead of wasting them for the defense lines but that also depends on the price of the weapon if its to high it makes no sense to build it.

I think Germany could get some more useful special troops instead but its a classic weapon every ww2 game should have :slight_smile: I’m not the most experienced player anyways. :sunglasses:

On another note, AT-wise it’s not going to give the Germans any more defensive bite than the Brits with the 17-pdr.

Technically its pretty equal to the 17 pounder but I would also like to see the pak 43 or 128mm AT guns, still its a nice model and a sweet weapon so I hope to see it in game

Thank you for your unemotional choice of words. Maybe you make sure you won’t get carried away on answering simple questions…

Those would be a bit of overkill. The PaK 44 especially; only about 51 were built aside from the weapons mounted on the Jagdtiger. It was really limited to fortification use; dragging an 11-ton gun carriage around the battlefield, especially at a point in the war when German forces were in retreat, was not feasible.

What about a Arty support with DORA ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe not but its a sweet weapon and germany doesn’t have a jagdtiger