Moving from Github?


Yesterday and today, some bad news happened : Microsoft® acquired Github which is the website where we have our repos : Spring1944,… So the question, today which exists in different communities : Do we have to move to another git host ? For many of them, the answer is positive and is “yes” for many reasons.

So, do Spring1944 have to move its repos to another git Host ?

  • yes
  • no

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My view: make sure there is a mirror on some other host, but do not drop github just yet.

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Everyone please reply with proposals where to move to, so that we can have a vote afterwards if this one is successful. My proposal is is hosted by m$ as well.

Well, for me, we can use a Gitlab host which is a non-profit association : (The association is Framasoft). It’s the best from my point of view. Moreover, if we have a problem, I know very well the member of the orga and I can ask them easily.

Hosted in Germany and in France.

Some ppl know already Lutim, LSTU… So, the dev (luc didry) of these softwares is one member of the infra of Framasoft and one of the dev.

@s44yuritch is right, follow his suggestion

Seconding yuritch. Also I would prefer not moving to any of those less known hosting services. Harder to find and requires extra account.

Well, first I don’t think Spring1944 is so famous, and I don’t understand why you don’t want to move to “less known hosting services” ? Now, cross-merge between instances is possible as far as I know. So, I don’t understand the problem.

Of course, I agree with Yuritch in the point that we don’t have to move NOW. And we must secure the way we will migrate (mirrors).

Well, of course I don’t have anything against it if someone builds a mechanism for cross-merge. In that case it is same as being in some known place to me.

The reasons against being only on some small self-hosted service I already told: having repo in one of those means it will be harder to hit with search engine and I don’t want to have yet another account which I need to remember just for the sake of doing occasional bug fix a few times per year. I also trust major services used by most projects stay here with higher probability but this is just a feeling which I can’t prove.

The move would be done by replacing each repository’s content with a pointing to the new repository location. This way it would still be reachable via github’s built-in search. Additionally, I don’t see why we couldn’t keep the existing issue tracker AND have issue trackers on multiple platforms (surely someone has already written a a bot to keep them in sync). We would also encourage people to use the new location’s issue tracker, but not mandate doing so. Additionally, having the repositories on multiple hosts would improve our search engine ranking.

Projects with good backup regimes in places should not fear some services going offline. Given how much activity there is on our online areas, the loss of a few hours of work would be at most a few dozen sentences. As far as I’m aware, we already have repository mirrors on gitlab. However these currently do not include the issue tracker and some other metadata.

There is also no reason preventing us from utilizing multiple new lower-reliability hosts (notabug,framagit,…) simultaneously, but we have to decide which of those to make our new default and setup automated sync to the rest of them.

As far as other services not being famous goes, the more we use them the more famous they become and the less we use github the less famous it becomes. Every repository counts, especially if we are loud about migrating.

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Sure, as said I don’t mind as long as there is reliable way to still operate through one of the big platforms. Just having syncing means that someone has to set it up and keep it running which is some extra work. This is also extra work which I myself don’t see as very useful but as long as someone is there to do it then why would I oppose.

For me the main points are low maintenance need, reliability, security and easiness to collaborate. Anyways we can later vote where to host the main repo and other mirrors / syncing can then be set up.

Since im not really a dev i dont care so much but i voted anyhow.
But i would prefer gitlab.

The poll is closed now and we decide at 75% to move away from github. A poll will open tomorrow to know where we will move. :slight_smile: Thanks to everybody !


There were not set rules for this “decision making” in advance so sadly I consider this voting as invalid for any practical implementation. It may be good for expressing the mood but I veto it to prevent this shity process to have any real value in the future.

Frju, this is not the way how project should be controlled.

What do you mean by rules ?

I don’t think it’s about rules. And, I’m not the only one on the forum. So, if you want to express anything I can do better, tell me. But, @PepeAmpere, this poll is valid. There is no veto right here. And this decision is valid. Everybody from the dev have voted. I even waited for @Code_Man, and let him 1 week more. For info, I didn’t closed this poll manually.

And you didn’t consider saying that when the poll was open ? So, why are you saying that now ? I don’t think it’s the best. But you can still vote for Github on the other poll.

Moreover, I don’t understand how you want to have a consensus decision-making if only YOU disagree with the decision. Moreover, I have in mind what are the conversations here, and everything will be taken into account when we will move. We have quite found a solution to the problems here.

I have nothing against expressing the opinion.

and we decide at 75% to move away from github. A poll will open tomorrow to know where we will move.

This is something you added extra on your own without any agreement with interested people. E.g.

  • Noone said in advance this poll will decide anything, you just come with your add-hoc process and you think people will respect it. It is your duty to manage expectations and approval of interested people.
  • Noone defined 75% is somehow important from any decision aspect.

well… I thought every problems were fixed. And I just read the result of the poll… which apparently you didn’t read. And it’s not because of such thing we will say this poll is useless. As @Buumi said me in chat, we are just considering moving, that’s the reason I added “Github” in the choices for the next poll (idea of @Buumi)

I didn’t choose what ppl agree or disagree… the poll speak for himself.
To the question :

75 % are FOR
25 % are AGAINST

And the poll can decide something. I don’t know why not.

(And it was just to sum up, not at all to “manipulate” or “manage expectations and approval”)