Movement defaults

I’m an entirely newbie at this mod, but is there a reason that infantry units default to holding position instead of manoeuvring? I understand it might be important for heavy infantry like the mortars not to go wandering off into enemy territory, but for almost all of the other infantry it just adds to micromanagement to have to switch them to manoeuvrer every time so they don’t just get picked off while the enemy sits half an inch outside their range.

Most infantry default to hold position in this game so they aren’t lured away or kited; we have a player base of mixed skill, and high skill players tend to exploit enemy unit AI accordingly. It also helps maintain the cohesion of groups.

I mean, anything which is cloaked should probably be hold position. Anything which is heavy should probably be hold position. Riflemen, LMG troops and SMG troops? Maybe not.

Besides, usually I find if my guys are getting picked off it’s best to go in and eliminate the offending unit/units in force. Typically by mid-game my infantry mostly gets used for flag capping, raiding, watching areas where vehicles have a hard time getting around, and screening vehicles/guns from enemy infantry.

The thing is, in the early to mid game I done want all my SMGs sitting around while riflemen pick away at them, and I don’t have time to micro them all into optimal range and sorting out the SMGs from the rifles individually to tell them to manoeuvre is even more trouble. It’s mostly a matter of not having the time to interfere in every infantry skirmish on a map when there are much larger strategic matters afoot. And I can’t remember which units I’ve already set to manoeuvre and which still need the change made.

Is there a helper AI that could handle the automatic mode switching of certain unit types as they are manufactured?

Usually for those early-game battles I do one of two things - either I zoom out to see the whole infantry force engaged and double-click on an SMG unit to select all in view, or just order the whole bunch to engage. If the former, I’ll usually try to flank the enemy with SMGs while my riflemen are keeping the enemy busy. In the latter, if you issue a Fight command units will advance towards the enemy until they are within attack range, and stop advancing until they’ve killed the target unit. That’ll make you’re riflemen conduct a slow advance, stopping to fire on the lead rank of enemy infantry, while the SMGs advance until they’re within range. Crude, but effective.

Skid: fair points. if you don’t mind -all- units being set to maneuver, you can press F11 and find the “Hold Position” widget, and disable it. That will leave everything on maneuver by default. However, if you’re hoping for only certain units, we can talk about adapting that widget to be more selective.