Movement bug with US M8 infantry gun

US m8 gun (infantry gun), has some kind of movement issue that makes it unable to move after some time it has been built. I mean, it exits the barracks or gunyard but then it stops moving.

Also occurs with Katyushas

It is a bug with scripts that use set MAX_SPEED. No idea if fixable in bos or not atm.

I fixed the leIG (and packhow). Problem seems to be that StartMoving is now only called when unit’s position changes, and with MAX_SPEED set to 1 this is not very soon. So now speed is set to normalSpeed / 10, which fixes the problem. The only (known so far) unwanted side effect is that the gun will move very slowly after firing, until given another move order.

Will take a look at Katyusha now.

Edit: fixed Katyusha in the same way, with the same side effect. Removing that will probably take converting unit script to lua (or making an engine change so that units react to MAX_SPEED changes while already moving. Currently they move at the speed that was set when the move order was given, and don’t go faster if MAX_SPEED changes until another manual order is given. Probably has something to do with internal SET_WANTED_MAX_SPEED command)

This is fixed in the git-something revision then? Or in the svn?

git. Svn was made read-only before the fix.

Take a look here for repo url.

Ahh, alright then. I get it that the move is final this time. Thanks. Need to figure out how to represent the rev in battle desc…

It doesn’t work at all.

$ cd .spring/games
$ git clone S44Main.sdd
Cloning into 'S44Main.sdd'...
Warning: Permanently added the RSA host key for IP address '' to the list of known hosts.
Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

Why is that?

Ah, that’s my fault. If you have a github account with a pubkey on file, you can clone over ssh (which is the

I’ll update that post.