Motivational music

Some time when Im modding, (erm way back when) I used to listen to some music to help inspire and motivate me as I worked on a project. You know themed sort of, not always. I was just going to make this thread so if any one else listened to music as they worked to help them on a project maybe we could make a list ehre for others to try out.

When I used to work on the battle tech mod, ( i still do sometimes but its kind of slowly churning along now, not totally dead) i listen to the old Mech Warrior 2 Sound tracks (kind of old school game music but still pretty good), the homeworld soundtracks and some classical pieces. I think sometimes i threw in the kingdom of heaven sound track, which gets fruity at times but was some what epic war like music. ill have to go thru my classical list to be more specific but i know Mozart’s Requiem was pretty cool to listen to at times.

SO what inspires you?

mmmm… metal and rock motivates me while working SYOD , iron maiden, rammstein, bloodhound gang (this isn’t rock), metallica, papakostantinou,Tzimis panousis,etc etc :mrgreen:

hyphy: mac dre, keak da sneak, e40, fendi boyz, j diggs, mistah fab, too short, the pack, san quinn, traxamillion, crest creepaz, cellski, hoodstarz, hustlah, messy marv, the federation, nump, turf talk

i like to shake my dreads while modding.

Flight of the Valkyries is the only choice for epic motivation :sunglasses:

I use music to distract me from reality, so when I’m working I could be anywhere from 1700 orchestrated pieces to works written for Castrati, to 1915 wax recordings converted to mp3, to live tracks from the sixties to stuff released underground last week. My personal library weighs in at 1.5 TB and I hope one day to have a solid six months of audio to listen to.

However, when I’m working on S44, I usually hop between female singers in various genres to post-punk & early gothic visionaries. I have a slight U.K. bias, of course.

The same music I usually listen to: ska, rock, rap, and a mixture of electro/synth/dance/alternative/new wave/pop.