Most confusing part of Spring:1944

Hey all. I’m writing tutorials, and I want to get some idea of what people think are the most confusing/difficult to learn parts of the game.

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Current winners: Supply, Ammo & Supply Effects; Tank/Vehicle Combat; by largish margin over the others, followed by Artillery & Aircraft combat.

You can pick up to 3 items on the list.


Random test build links:

Pre-M v0.160 - || D

Well this is a great idea but i would prefer a general tutorial.


How to build units - over - what do mean the bars on the top - to - effective tricks of the different Teams/countrys

Or recording a hole game and explain things in a video. Because for players which play other RTS games maybe its hard to understand.
What ever i will try to make a German tutorial video after the next release.

Since I assume you all have BasiC/Gota/Yan on ignore, he is taking the opportunity to imply that 1944 needs tutorials because it is all wrong.

We do not negotiate with terrorists.

I’d like to make a decent tester tutorial. I may do that.

IMO as a newer player I find aircraft combat/strikes and infantry combat the least talked about and the most confusing. (note: rhetorical questions in post)

-Resources and their effects seem to be clearly stated here [].
-And tanks, vehicles, and artillery are covered here [].

But nowhere in these guides is there really a section about infantry (besides talking about pinned and suppressed status). What’s the best way to use them? How do you keep them from being slaughtered? How do you win a pure infantry vs. infantry battle?

And nothing is said about aircraft and what they do exactly. What’s the difference between all these different planes? Why do they fly all over the place?

Also one last point that may not be all that important, but I haven’t seen anything on it. I noticed that units will gain experience and rank up, what exactly are the effects of this? Perhaps we could have a page noting the advantages a unit gains when they rank up (if there are any). Is there an increase in health, damage, accuracy, etc.? What kind of roles do ranks play in combat and what advantages do they bring to an overall force?

Mainly I just wanted to post that things like artillery, armor, ammo, and other related subjects are already clearly documented and made available for everyone []. I found that these guides explained the subjects sufficiently enough and it would be better to fill in areas without guides (like infantry combat and the use of air support) before going over subjects that already have guides. Just my opinion though, hope it helps.

Thanks xbenx! Feedback from newer folks is really helpful, since so many of us have been neck-deep in this game for so long and somewhat lost that ‘new player’ sense of things.

Infantry combat and aircraft are most certainly going to be topics of playable tutorials.

In the meantime, I can try to explain quickly so you don’t languish in confusion.

There are 6 principle types of aircraft. They are:

  • Recon - a low and slow flying plane that gives a LARGE sight radius. SPECIAL NOTE: Can be ordered from HQs (or barracks, as russia).
  • Fast interceptor - a fast fighter plane with a very short delay period (the delay from when you give the order to when they show up), and limited duration (how long they stay on the map). Generally weaker than proper fighters.
  • Fighter - Air superiority with medium/long delay and medium-long duration. The best for clearing the skies of other planes, as long as you don’t need them instantly. Note: US and Britain have only “Fighters”, and no interceptors.
  • Ground Attack/Tankbuster - Armed with rockets or 37mm anti-tank guns, these planes specialize in taking out enemy armor and vehicles, and to a lesser extent buildings (for the ones with rockets; US, Britain, USSR). Note: for the USSR, Ground Attack and Fighter-bomber are combined into one plane, the Il-2.
  • Fighter-bomber: Fighters carrying a 100kg bomb, excellent for taking out buildings or high concentrations of tanks. Once the bomb is dropped, they can serve as regular fighters.
  • Paratrooper transport/glider: a big transport plane that drops paratroopers. Only available to the US.

I’d like more feedback on how to use terrain to best advantage and how to prevail in infantry actions. I’ve been experimenting with stuff like ambushes and placing tanks/tank destroyers in hull-down defensive positions (the latter requiring a lot of FPS fine-tuning).

As for units “ranking up” or gaining experience, the effects are quite subtle. Essentially, as a unit gains experience, it will get slightly stronger (more hps), its shots will hit slightly harder, it will fire and move faster, and reloadtime will shorten.

For infantry, these effects are almost unnoticable (unless you have a large group of highly-experienced infantry). But for larger units, such as tanks and especially heavy tanks and the like, the effect is much more pronounced (though still quite subtle). This difference can be summed up by an experienced tank being able to take one or two or more extra hits from enemy guns before dying, or requiring less shots to kill an enemy tank.

I don’t think these are the case… unless there is some scripting I am not aware of?

Also one thing I would like to see is improved morale with XP, although we may want to wait until Lua unit scripts to do this.

I’m totally up for doing that once we shift the infantry over to Lua unit scripts.

Experience gives three advantages. 1) Hitpoints. 2) Fire rate. 3) Accuracy.

Experience at the infantry level can range from hardly noticeable (partisans with 70hp instead of 40), to devastating (British riflemen with ~300hp each in a supply zone = immense volume of fire and really hard to kill with your own inf).

Note that fire rate of tanks shouldn’t be affected due to the way the AP/HE are scripted.

Just as a question, what is with the “Experience” stat in a unit’s info? I’m guessing it’s a ratio of damage dished out versus the value of the unit, which is why I have snipers picking off infantry accumulating ten times the experience of a Tiger II that has been doing obscene things to enemy armor columns. I’m assuming the little rank insignia are still based on total kills though - I kind of miss OTA just giving you a straight kill count for all units.

What benefits do units get from terrain? Do units on heights get a greater firing range/sight radius than units on lower elevation? Can they be shielded from damage and/or harder to spot if they’re behind rocks, trees, or other obstacles?

I don’t know how tank reload times are scripted, but realistically experienced crews should get faster - one of the reasons why the modern US M1 Abrams uses manual instead of autoloading. Some WWII US battleship gun crews were able to shave reload times by 50% after intensive gun drills.

Currently you get 0.125 experience for bringing an enemy of equal cost down to 0 hp, and another 0.125 experience for landing the killing blow. There is a limit to how much benefit you can gain from experience; the benefit at any xp level is (xp / xp + 1) times the limit. So, at 1 XP you get half the benefit you would get at infinite XP.

Currently, infinite XP would give you 2.5x fire rate and hp, and improved accuracy.

Ranks are based on XP. Costlier units require less XP to get a particular rank (cheap units are more likely to get lucky and kill something more expensive than themselves).

There is a suspicion that XP-based fire rate increases currently do not apply to most tanks (they should work with inf though).

According to the scripts there is a hardcoded minimum reload time; this is faster than the default reload time (at least for the units I looked at), although it is probably slower than the reload time at infinite XP.

I suppose if one wanted to remove this limitation one could calculate the true reload time and block the other shell type’s weapon for that length of time.