Mortar does not shoot

I tried the SVN version today,
and it seems that while guys no longer get stuck inside barracks, mortar guys do not shoot any more. If I target any unit (vehicle/building/soldier) with mortar, it causes the mortar guy to run up to the target and get killed. However, if I tell the mortar man to target ground, he shoots properly. This is annoying and pretty hard to accomplish since the targeting reticle auto-snaps to any units.

Update: This would seem to affect the British and Soviet mortar at least. German mortar seems fine.

Also, it seems that the CRAIG when playing soviet has forgotten how to play properly. It just sends commissars to get flags, but otherwise stays in the initial base.

These experiments were conducted using svn version 2082, in the BocageSkirmish map.

Hi Vermind,

Thanks for the report, just a whoopsie with the targeting categories for smoke rounds. We’re still ironing out problems with the smoke system.

Fixed mortars.

EDIT: and confirmed the issue with C.R.A.I.G.

EDIT 2: issue with C.R.A.I.G. fixed too.