Morphing AT-infantry

What if you could morph riflemen or smgs to AT-infantry?

An idea is that infantry can morph into AT-infantry as they get experience and Antitank squads have lots of dudes with experience. The only thing that would get strange is if they lose their experience when they morph back to riflemen. It will also be hard to know which units that are able to morph to AT-infantry unless they are highlighted by a widget or something.

Your idea of 400-700 AT inf range is as far from realism as it gets. We’re talking WW2 here, even rocket-driven portable AT weapons had an effective range of what, 100 meters? Compare that to an average rifle or even SMG. Plus, morphing from normal inf probably means they get to use hand grenades, those are ~20 meters max (try to throw an AT grenade farther, it’s 1.5-2kg).

(Panzerfaust had an effective range of 60 meters. Panzerschreck had an effective range of 150 meters/wikipedia)

Is the effective range of riflemen 680 meters? You would hardly be able to hit a barn from that distance. I don’t know the scaling so I just assumed 2 in range was 1 meter. 340 m is far but you will still be able to hit sometimes but not every time which seems to be the case ingame anyway. When Range multiplier was set to 8 the riflemen missed like more than half of the time but when it is set to 1, riflemen almost hit all the time. AT-infantry have a range of 235-360 which would be like 117-180 meters with my scaling. Anyone like to point out what the scaling is like?

Roughly speaking, the average scale is 1 m = 1 elmo. However, I think the spread of ranges is somewhat compressed–otherwise short-ranged weapons would hardly be able to travel anywhere, and artillery would be able to shoot across most maps.

It’s more like most weapons use effective ranges instead of maximum. That is, while most any rifle bullet can reach 2km+ range, only very few soldiers are able to actually hit something at that range. Most WW2 tank guns could shot for several kilometers as well, but the tanks just lacked sights adequate for such ranges, so they rarely shot at things more than a kilometer away.

For SMG, pistols and such effective range = max range (since max range is low), so they suffer much less ‘range compression’ ingame.