Moro River 3 player FFA

Players:zCram vs Buumi vs Lowdive
Game version: DEV version
Engine version: 0.96
Awesome rating (out of 5): ***
Comments: zCram and Buumi started full frontal combat between each other, whilst I took control of middle town flag.
I set up a base in town, tanktraps, mines, AT guns…
And meanwhile my infantry was stacking up because no one was fighting me, so at one point I just threw all I had plus some shermans into zCrams side and dusted him, but Buumi quickly realized I had struck zCram and went for my town base, I don’t really know how he got through my sniper defenses and AT guns but I’m told he had AEC spam or something like that.

Then he just run up my natural base because all of my tech was at the middle town base.

Replay too large (over 1mb), will host somewhere and post link.
EDIT: link to download: