Modular Scripts

Just brainstorming ideas for modularized scripts.

First, infantry.

–Universal Functions–

Prone Idle
Aiming/Firing while Prone
Aiming/Firing while Moving
Moving (“At ease”)
Prone Moving
Throwing a Grenade
Throwing a Grenade while Prone


WeaponType (Rifle, SMG, Anti-Tank, MG)
Number of Shots (1 for rifle, eg 5 for SMG, etc)


Following is mainly for lua scripts.
90% of tanks (and 100% of trucks) can use the same script, with values like turret rotation speed read from customParams in unit file.
Standard aiming functions can be moved to includes (see my battleship script).

The main problem I foresee is those bothersome tracer and flare customfx pieces of shit. Blaaargh.