ModOptions in release?


So right now S44 has a lot of modOptions that we wrote to allow us to test-run game-wide changes without actually doing all the text monkey work. I hadn’t figured on including these with release (since they’re rather wide ranging), but I figured I’d throw it out to people to see what they might want to play with. I don’t plan on writing new ones for release, this is just the list we have now:

Name (range), effect

  • Weapon Range multiplier (0.1-10), multiplies all weapon ranges in the game by this value.
  • Weaon Reload multiplier (0.1-10), multiplies all non-smallarms reloadtimes in the game by this value.
  • LoS multiplier (0.1-10), multiplies the sight range of all units in the game by this value
  • Unit speed multiplier (0.1-10), multiplies all unit movement speeds in the game by this value.
  • Command Multiplier (0.1-10), multiplies all the flag command point outputs by this value (useful for tweaking maps with too much or too little command income to be playable).
  • Weapon AoE multiplier, multiplies the splash damage range of all weapons in the game
  • Weapon HE shell damage multiplier, multiplies the damage of all explosive shells in the game by this value.

I hesitate to include them all (or even most) since I don’t want to see hosts tricking people into joining a 0.1 reloadmult game (automatic sherman fire! haha gotcha noob) but I guess some of them could be fun/useful.


IMO HE damage/AoE options should be removed, those were mainly for testing the changes made to the weapons. OTOH, command multiplier should stay, people might want to play S’44 on all kinds of maps. I’m not sure about other options.

leave them all in for interesting game play

I’ll probably do what Gnome suggested - change the command mult to “low/medium/high” and perhaps do the same for resupply.

HE Damage/AoE should go. probably unit speed and LoS as well.

(Just basing ideas off of options many commercial games have)

Buildtime changer (for faster/slower games)
Flag Capping rates (infantry cap flags quicker/slower)

I didn’t want to write any new ones, just decide which of the current ones to remove.

For the time being i’d remove all but command mult.

We can release a ‘sandbox’ mutator with the rest at a later time.