Model schema

Based around MCL schema:


-turret_ [needed to properly support hull MG, and AA MG]


—rocket_<1…n> [for launchpoint and hiding piece]

For tanks:


For vehicles:


For ships (composites):


Land transports:


  • Not sure how to deal with US AA MGs.
  • Landing craft have ramps and doors and stuff to consider,
  • Type 4 200mm will have a special loading anim with breach loaded rocket
  • Fallback to lower weaponID if relevant piece does not exist (just use nil check)

What about flares for more than one weapon? (AP-HE)

I assume turret is always used for vertical aim and sleeve for horizontal aim.
Currently guns use same piece for both, how will that be dictated? (I’m alright with turret_sleeve_bla)

Will have a think on the former;

edit: probably only require the lowest ID and use weaponswithammo to check which other weapons use that flare?

On the latter - Yes, and they need to have empty pieces added in, rotating in 2 axes can have unexpected consequences and shouldn’t be done.

documentation from chat:
[22:12:51] [S44]Nemo [S44]FLOZi I pushed the script
[22:13:17] it’s in tools/s3o_tools/
[22:14:18] it’s easiest to give it the models root as a parameter => [options] objects3d
[22:14:40] in options put -d to dump the text files
[22:14:57] afterwards, -o optimises and -c commits the changes in the text files

If you don’t put any options it will just list all discrepancies without changing any file.
Parameter doesn’t have to be a folder, it can also be one or more files if you don’t like to live dangerously like I do.