Mobile Command Post

Just an idea;

Have something along the lines of a Mobile Command Post; a truck, halftrack or purpose-made vehicle which can be sent into the radius of a flag and transform into a command post which gives +command points.

Also, mobile observation post; or alternatively give halftracks the ability to morph into a stationary observation post with increased sight (men with binoculars/rangefinders) but no weapons and/or unable to move.


OPs sound good

Would this mainly be a way to increase your economy? Would you only be able to put one mobile command point at a flag? Economy growth is already a part of the game by ammo storage increase(more shells to kill enemy infantry with :slight_smile: ).

But it would increase the incentive to raid flag positions if there was mobile command post to kill there. I find raiding quiet hard to do unless you get really close to the enemy base with alot of infantry. Frankly, it’s more important to flank your enemy.