MMP/NMP Ground Pressure of Tanks

Hey guys,

i found a list of Tanks showing the Groundpressur on soft ground like snow.



Link 2 might be interesting though…
It seems that Tanks like the Panther were much more mobile in Snow than M4 Shermans or even the T-34. Even the Tiger 2 had a low MMP compared to other allied vehicles making it more mobile on soft ground. Maybe in-game its possible to make the mobility of the vehicles on for example snow, better or worser for realizm.

ah… and last time I watched a Panther documentary, the author said, that the germans also tried to make it possible to fire while moving, in classic german tanks stopped for shooting. Vehicles like the Pershing had a stabilized Gun as far as i know, giving them the possibility to shoot while moving. The Germans stabilized the entire vehicel, instead of the Gun… so in other words… they had a different idea about it, also stabilizing the entire vehicle made it much more comfortable to the Crew. Every1 should know the scene where a Panther drivers over a specific test track and the Tank hull keeps floating stable while the Track system goes with the ground…

Well its late here… I will check the post tomorrow again for correction, if my english sucks at the moment ^^

Interesting idea, but we don’t have a reliable way to detect snow, sand and such on the maps.

As for hull stabilization, yes, Knipkampf suspension did achieve that, but at a cost. Most any damage to wheels not on the outermost layer required the disassembly of not the only wheel to be replaced (like on most Allied and Soviet tanks, and Germans other that Tiger/Panther), but 3 (and sometimes even 5). That’s hardly a desired feature during defensive combat, when the battlefield (and any damaged tanks not recovered quickly) might well be lost to the enemy.

yes I already thought about it. It also might destroy gameplay.
But vehicles are already slower on snow than on any other grounds? Or ? I remember “nuclear winter” map had this but not sure about it.

I will try it myself if my PC is ready soon.