Mk. V tank restoration

There are 2 British mk.V tanks used as monuments near where I live. Not long ago they were taken to the local factory for restoration. Now there’s a photo report of the process. Quite an interesting sight, though the work is very far from finished yet.
I think this might interest some people, seeing as those tanks are quite rare these days (there were only 400 of that kind built back in 1918 or so, not many survived till today).

One does wonder how 2 of them ended up in Ukraine :slight_smile:

This I can explain easily.
A number of those were supplied to White Russian forces during the Civil War and ended up in the hands of the Reds after White’s defeat. The tanks were used by the military up to 1930s when new, own-built tanks started to arrive. Then it was decided to give the now unneeded antiquated vehicles to some cities for use as monuments to the Revolution. There were 28 in total assigned for that use. They were distributed as 2 per city. Lugansk received its 2 in the late 1930s. Unlike most other cities, Lugansk actually managed to preserve them through the WW2 and post-war years, and still has both now. 4 more can be found in different cities in Russia and Ukraine, with 1 being in Kubinka museum, 1 in Archangelsk, 1 in Kharkov and 1 more somewhere I don’t remember.
It’s said this particular tank (#9186 as seen on one of the photos) is mentioned in “Armored Units of the Russian Civil War - White & Allied [Osprey New Vanguard â„–083]”.

And now the restoration is complete. Behold:

Cracks in the armor repaired, heavily rusted parts replaced, fake weapons installed, new paint job given. In-progress pics can be found at the link given above. Like that:

really cool

A video clip about those events (filmed by local TV company).