Miscellaneous screenshots, renders, posters and such.

17-Pounder with transparent cammo netting.

Just gave the Panzer IV a little random script for its skirts, so they show up randomly.

Spitfire Mk IXe - Fighter-Bomber, differentiated visually by the large invasion stripes and the clipped wings.

On a completely unrelated note, I did this just for kicks before starting work on the Fw-190…

Wings need to have round tips, google it? All the pictures have rounded wing tips. Friend told me, he’s a bit of a ww2 buff. haha. But he could be wrong.

We’re buffer.

air-and-space.com/20040516%2 … ht%20l.jpg

Works for me.

What program can i use to create maps in Spring Engine? What map file format Spring supports?

Go to spring dot clan-sy dot com/wiki/Main_Page

Then click on map development. You’ll find loads of tutorials there

Made icons specially for engineer vehicles

As a note, it’d be awesome if Neddie redid all the icons in a more unified manner (Possibly also tieing in with a smaller weapon indicator icon as part of a units ui elements)

Decided to finally make supply trucks visibly differ from regular trucks. It was originally planned, but never got around to.

Superb, I’ve been meaning to get around to doing something about that myself. Your solution is much better. :sunglasses:

What are supply trucks for?
Btw can you give us a estimate of the release of the new version of Spring:1944?
And tell us what new units may be included in the version.

Supply trucks are for reloading your units with ammo. Not all units use ammo, but those that do, need to come near a supply truck from time to time to continue shooting. A truck deploys into a supply pile from which units can restore their ammo. The pile can be chenged back into the truck in order to move.