Misc bugs

Hi guys, yesterday I was playing the svn version (the latest revision avaible yesterday, in single player using craig) and I noticed some “bugs” that have been there for quite a while. While playing with GBR I noticed:
-My own infantry gets fear if my own light MG fires near them(not at them).
-I can’t shoot the “white team” (i supose is panicked infantry) but they might return to their original side in a while. Besides, white team is in enemy status to the AIs even if they were on the same side a second ago. Having M players you should set M “white teams”, that would help.
-Static artillery does not accept attack commands (you can check this holding the shift key) just ground attack commands, or area attack commands, or it just choose targets in its own… but it would be cool if they could accept specific attack orders.
-A glider of mine landed on water, they should have all died but they didn’t, they spawned and stayed there.
Different vehicles have different turn buttons, i would be cool if there were just one turn button.

There are lots of stuff that i have noticed but never commented… as soon as I remember them I will post them.
Bye, and thanks, its a great great game!

White men are prisoners.

I’d prefer this to be made into the solution to the command-increase-to-end-game-sooner problem, recently discussed on the lobbeh chat. There could be a “prisoner work camp” building. Most of the code is already there. Get 'em not to shoot white folks and send them to make generous income… This way a neglected front could really be pumping up the M level for the other side.

[22:36:50] <[S44]Nemo> zCram: I agree that prisoners are probably a better solution to increasing income as the game goes on
[22:37:01] <[S44]Nemo> but in practical terms they tended to really interfere with gameplay
[22:37:07] <[S44]Nemo> and they often bugged out
[22:38:34] <[AA]zCram> [S44]Nemo: intention matters. It's a logical way, that players can relate to. not some woo-doo behind the curtains
[22:38:47] <[S44]Nemo> intuition? I totally agree

Intention, but never mind. I’d like to elaborate a little concerning the possibilities of this grand idea.

Prisoners clutter up workspace, until you choose to build a prisoner camp yard, that actually costs a little. The camp happyly swallows a predefined amount of “white men”, perhaps the amount should relate to the income-per-prisoner setting; and only after set in camp they actually start to produce income. When the building gets full, you need another.

Further possibilities arise when a camp is destroyed by distant fire, or perhaps when they are freed by the enemy. Uprising?

Just ideas, don’t forget. More micro? Definately. But it’s not like the game has something-for-nothing in it somewhere anyhow.