Minimap Default Settings, Command Points and Moral

Firstly I was wondering if there might be a way to have the minimap that’s in the upper left corner default to being minimized instead of being visible at game start? I’ve tried looking just about everywhere I can think of to find a file with the default settings in but with no luck. Or maybe it’s not possible, I don’t know.

Also, for a while now I’ve been curious about how command points are calculated and if there’s a demarcation at some point? Is the calculation only based on the amount of flags a person holds and for how long or are there other factors involved?
The reason I ask is because after one side holds the majority of flags their command points seem endless, there does not seem to be a command point upper limit of any sort or at least a time or chance factor involved. There’s therefore no way for the opposing side to get back into the fight and maybe win once that tipping point is reached because the side with the most flags will always out build/produce them even if the side with the least amount of flags is out thinking, manoeuvring and fighting at that particular time.

And lastly, are there any plans to have the moral of infantry units improve from being pinned to suppressed or even normal if a platoon of strong armour, a higher rank and/or reinforcements arrive beside them? Or maybe this happens already and I haven’t noticed it?

I don’t know of a setting, but there may be a UI command you can type into chat which will do it, so you can write a widget that just sends that command at the start of the game. Unfortunately, grepping through the spring source I can’t find such a thing. :frowning:

It depends on the map’s ‘metal spots’ as the flags are extractors. The longer you hold a spot the more you get out per ‘tick’, it increases every minute up to a maximum of 10x original output, used to be 2x. A fairly large balance shift made in 1.53. Part of the rational, I think (Nemo is the balancey type person), is that it means losing a flag you have held for a long time is a big blow.

Yes, but there has to be a tipping point somewhere, or you drag out a game into hour long stalemates.

Originally tanks were going to have ‘fear shields’ which prevented infantry from gaining fear, but it was dropped due to technical reasons and because suppressed / prone infantry get an indirect health boost (take less damage), so they actually live longer than if they were standing. :confused:

I guess it would be possible for armour to both reduce the amount of fear gained and supply the health boost; Once we rewrite the unit scripts in lua. Which is a major undertaking that I’ve been planning to do for… some time. :stuck_out_tongue:

When you look in Springlobby at the Spring UI setting there’s quite a few config options for the minimap but unfortunately nothing to have it minimized on startup. It’s just annoying more than anything else as I tend to use the tab key when I need an overall picture. Thank you for looking though.

From a tactical point of view that is interesting. I knew from reading the wiki that the command points doubled at the 20min point for flags still held but I didn’t know that the multiplier increased every minute from initial flag capture. So if a player has held a flag for a while then his opponent takes it so it turns to the opponents team colour, does that mean that if the original flag holder then retakes the same flag his multiplier will have to start from scratch for that flag?

I agree entirely, there has to be a tipping point at some stage, I’m just not sure that having the majority of flags should be the primary way of getting there.

Having a dig-in order for your infantry would be cool but I would imagine you guys have already thought of that.

Now having the armour both reduce the amount of fear gained and supply the health boost would be a really nice touch, subtle yet extremely powerful if used correctly. :slight_smile:

Yep. So if you manage a sneak attack on one of your opponents longest-held flags, you can really give their economy a kick in the teeth - even if all you do is neutralise it before they kill your units.

Interesting. Not that I would ever use such an underhand tactic you understand. :sunglasses: