Minesign pinning and pointers


  1. Make mines pinn infantry.

a) Drop pointers when friendly units are damaged from mines.
b) Drop pointers when mines explode in LoS.

Pinning mines would make mines less effective at killing infantry but better at defending an area.
Combined with point 2 it would give players enough time to react to his infantry dying to mines and would also show when he walks into his own mines.

I can do the pinning, I think.

Dropping markers will defeat the purpouse of mines in S:44 imo. Mines are meant to be a secret. If you can’t figure it out (mine going off makes a rather distinct sound), you deserve to lose more inf. As for losing own inf to minefields… this is a good question and should be facilitated better to be able to see own mines to make avoiding them easier for new (and also experienced) players.

You can see your own mines, though. You see the flag when you drop it, and if you zoom in you’ll see the individual mines.

No you won’t. You can’t see the mines.

They’re little dots on the ground, they’re in most of our loadscreens.

Anyway, we could put flags around the perimeter of the field. More flags, easier to notice your own field. Randomish placement, four to six flags?

They were visible in previous versions but not currently.

Wouldnt it be easy to draw a circle around the minesign aswell?
The circle would have the same radius as where the mines could be spawned.
Or is the mines spawned in a box?