Military 3D models

I’ve stumbled upon a site that appears to have some 3D models of military stuff (mostly ww2 Soviet tanks) for downloading. They are in LightWave format, which I’m not sure what to do with (3DO builder appears to be able to read it, but nothing shows up - maybe a version incompatibility or the models are in NURBS). Models appear to be separated into pieces just like we do for scripting.

They tell this in the readme (taken from T-50 model, not sure if the rest have the same):

Might be worth a look, if we can use Lightwave models that is.

Those look madly good! I hope that these models dont make the teams great work obsolete, though

Don’t worry, they don’t look textured at all, only solid color fill + shader + bitmap numbers (though geometry detail level is great). Plus I’m not sure the format can be converted to something Spring can use.