Milestone 02

Here we will plan and discuss our next milestone. A “milestone” is generally an idea of where we want to be at a certain date or length of time.

I would like to see Milestone 02 (dubbed such as we can consider the original beta releases over the winter holidays as the first) released within 3 months time, so I will tentatively place an expected milestone date of August 01.

I would like to see a release made by this date. It does not have to be a super-major release, but it should be somewhat significant, and aim at drawing in more players permanently.

Release Contents
As such, what we need for such a release is quite simple. First, I would like to hold of Naval assets, except the most basic (river assault boats and vehicle barges), for another date. This release should therefore focus on the following:

  • A complete set of ground units, save, perhaps, for truely exceptional-type units; the heavier artillery, of 203mm-210mm inparticular I would like to hold off on.

  • A complete or partial set of air units; to save time, we can focus only on shipping the release with four planes per side; a fighter or two, some form of air-to-ground attack or two, and a reconnaisance plane.

  • Overhauled, optimized infantry; this should be one of our main priorities at this stage, and it’s a long time coming. With recent advances to Upspring, and the knowledge we (ie Nemo) has learned over the past year of development, we should be able to greatly optimize infantry scripts and models. I have made a thread in this Dev forum detailing the kinds of attributes I’d like to see on infantry; I have spent the past day making a few preliminary animations, which will be revealed publically shortly before release (I’d like to keep them under wraps for now). In general, I’d really like to enhance greatly the overal visual and performance of infantry. This includes animations for engineers that are building things, and death animations.

  • Overhauled, optimized factories; like infantry, our factories are old and crappy. They look sparse, low-detailed, and generally seem to come straight out of AATA. I’d like to do two things - first, remodel most if not all of them to make them look better, or just add lots of greebles and bits and equipment and stuff. Second, I’d really like to get animations on them; if this thing with Upspring works out it should be very easy to add support personelle clambering over vehicles, tightening screws, welding bits, tightening tracks, so on and so forth.

  • Vehicle FX; after the work on the weapon explosions, we need cool FX for vehicle deaths. Flames spouting out of hatches and engines, secondary explosions, that sort of thing.

Primary Goal
The primary goal, as stated, is to make a significant but not overwhelmingly so release of the game to the general public. The game should be stable enough, and playable enough, that it will attract lots of players who will play it, lots. It will be the first unveiling of a lot of the cool new features we’ve implimented and hopefully will wow people into becoming long-term fans.

Long-Term, post-release Goals
A preliminary release date of August 01 gives us 5 months until the end of the year to finish the game. After the release, the majority of our work will be to complete and impliment naval units, and impliment balancing. It is hoped that after the August release date no further content, except navies, will need to be implimented; or if some does need to be, it will be a very small amount. As I’ve said before, I hope to “complete” this game by the end of this year. By “complete” I mean a 1.0 release. From there on, if we want to make patches for bugs, or balance tweaks, sure, but I’d like to end major development at that point. The community can also pick up the game and make mods of it if they so desire and if it is popular enough.

Alright, we’ve got some work on our hands. Let’s get ‘r’ done!

Do you envision the milestone including any major promotion or advertising, or should this be saved for 1.0?

I envision some form of advertisement for sure. We definately want to try and attract new players. What I mean is, I just want the release to be grounded in the fact that it is a beta, playtesting release. Which, I guess, goes without saying.

It needs to be stable, it needs to be well-publicized, and it needs to be somewhat balanced.