MG Release! (and changelog >_> <_<)

So I’ve posted MG in archive form to moddb, springfiles, and rapid, and updated our homepage/S44 topic. Flozi figures we’ll wait a week or so before releasing the installer.

The current project…dun dun dun - compile a changelog for this behemoth of a release which covers some 1700 revisions.

[size=150]Major balance changes/gameplay improvements[/size]

  • New armor system for tanks/armor piercing weapons.
  • New damagetype system so that weapon damages affect different categories of units in standard ways.
  • Substantial revisions to aircraft balance.
  • HP for all vehicles standardized to be weight in kilograms, with damage resistance reflected by armor amounts.
  • Infantry harder to suppress entirely, and no longer slow down while aiming.
  • Substantial changes to units that are spawned at game start:
    Soviets now have a 100% mobile start (a few commissars, two trucks, two redeployable AA guns, two redeployable AT guns, rifle squad, Maxim heavy MG, supply truck that deploys into supply storage).
    Other sides now spawn with 2 AT guns, and either 2 HQ squads (US, GBR) or 1 rifle squad (GER).
  • Changes to squad makeups.
  • Added engineering vehicle to gunyards - this means players can access tanks through either gun or vehicle yard.
  • Prerequisite system for yards; barracks must now be built before gunyard/vehicle yard- multiple engineers now removed (basic engineers will build vehicle yards once a barracks exist).
  • Vehicles can reverse and drive backwards!
  • Turn button added to all vehicles and tanks; this gives you strong control over facing of your units.
  • Too many cost, weapon and armor tweaks to go over individually.
  • Added flanking damage to infantry - infantry who take damage from multiple vectors now die faster than infantry who are taking damage from only one direction.
  • Reorganization of logistics economy; infantry are now very cheap to support, while the cost of logistics storage has been bumped up substantially.
  • Aircraft fear/sortie endurance values - planes under AA fire will lose sortie endurance (ie fly off the map sooner) and after a certain level will ‘bug out’ back towards the friendly HQ for some time.
  • Smoke shells! Mortars, howitzers, and support tanks all have the option to fire smoke shells. Units inside the smoke lose LoS, become 5x less accurate, and invisible until they fire.
  • Added “ambush” mode to partisans - when enabled, they will not fire their rifles, but stay hidden until they are close enough to throw molotovs.
  • Added ‘fire’ mechanics - Flamethrowers/molotovs set the ground on fire for some time, infantry which enter the fire catch on fire themselves. Vehicles which are hit directly by molotov/flamethrower will burn for some time.
  • Howitzer ranges increased by a bit more than 2 times, accuracy decreased. This lets them truly serve as indirect fire tools over a long range.
  • Added ‘indirect fire gauging’ code; when a howitzer is firing at an area inside friendly LoS, it will become dramatically more accurate after a few shots at that area.
  • All engineers can build pontoon rafts and rubber dingies for basic water transport.
  • Partisans now arrive via air-dropped ‘supply pile’ and spawn slowly over time.
  • A player will get command back when planes survive a sortie and return home safely. Suicidal fighter-bomber runs are baad!
  • Killed storages now also remove some of the log you have. With 2 Storages, losing one removes half of your remaining logistics.
  • Scouts now have binoculars - tell them to attack and they will reveal LoS on that spot.

New units

  • Added V-1 Rocket to German aircraft options.
  • Added Wasp (British Universal Carrier with flamethrower)
  • Added Mobile AA Vehicles to all nations (Sdkfz 10, M16, Staghound, GAZ-AAA)
  • Sherman Jumbo Heavy Tank
  • Jagdpanther Tank Destroyer
  • Ships! Not all of them are textured (or even most) but they are fully functional from a gameplay standpoint.
  • Paratrooper drops for US - a C-47 dropping a chalk of 18 elite US troops.
  • British Glider-borne droops - Horsa glider squad containing a group of troops and light artillery.
  • Hardened Bunker logistics storage for Germany.
  • German Sd.Kfz. 234/2 Puma Armored Car with 50mm cannon.
  • Soviet IL-2 with PTAB anti-tank bomblets.

[size=150]Visual/Audio improvements[/size]

  • Many new unit icons (tanks, vehicles, AA vehicles, different types of artillery)
  • Ambient Occlusion (visual improvement) to many units.
  • Many new unit voices/sounds.
  • GUI elements for armor system displaying armor thicknesses on units and penetration values for weapons at different ranges.
  • Many improvements to the explosion FX. Also, badly destroyed tanks will now burn for a while after death.
  • New Resource Bars
  • Loads of new buildpics
  • All sounds normalized
  • Lots of hand-painted texture improvements/revamps to vehicles and tanks.
  • Many tanks now have normal maps.


  • Engineers no longer attempt to repair in-flight aircraft.
  • Many, many targeting category fixes.
  • Internal cleanups galore!
  • Stripped out deployment mode in favor of a separate deployment archive currently in development.
  • Fixing MGs and PTRD crawling infinitely! Wooo!
  • Endless numbers of small fixes and improvements. Visual bugs, game logic bugs, transport bugs, balance bugs…bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs (as far as we know, all fixed!)


  • Added a series of modOptions for weapon range, bullet damage to infantry, and unit LoS. This allows folks to play with ‘realistic’ settings if they so desire.