MG 1.53 modified

Players: JAL(US) vs Godde(GER)
Map: 1944_kiev V4
Game version: Spring: 1944 v 1.53 alltankshullmg
Engine version:
Awesome rating (out of 5): ***(1/2)
comments: 1h game. Blackdutchie left at start and gave me russia units, featuring AT infantry lines,ptab bombers,KT vs IS2,pzIII vs stuart.

Jeez, trainwreck of a game :stuck_out_tongue: kiev’s resources are really insanely nuts. I think godde prolonged it much more than he needed to - he had like 70 halftracks and 40 PIIIs at one point; he could have just ordered them all into your base and killed everything and STILL had a few KTs and 6 or so panthers on defense.

The hull MGs didn’t seem to change things all that much imo - RPG43 troops still died horribly when attacking head on, and tanks with a few friends were harder to kill with just AT inf. While that isn’t something I feel the game has been sorely lacking (tanks being stronger against inf), I don’t think it does much to screw anything up. I think it’d be fine to include them; my only quibble is that we might need to give stationary AT guns some kind of cloaking so they at least have a chance. As it is, a tank can pretty much charge a gun head on and suppress it (maybe taking one hit). Looks good though - tracers, muzzle flashes all seem to be done right.

I prolonged it abit. I wanted to use tanks without infantry support. The panthers did pretty good until they got hit from the sides by RPG-43 infantry and then IS-2 showed up which meant that my panthers wouldn’t last long if the enemy saw my panthers.
The kingTigers front armor is too much for IS-2 at long range. Although I lost 1 kingtiger when it were flanked by 1 RPG. RPGs get so much experience from hitting a Kingtiger on the side or rear armor that their reload gets really fast and can kill a tiger surprisingly fast.