Message spam when firing the Dug-In Nebelwerfer 41

Got this message when firing the Dug-In Nebelwerfer 41

‘CobError: stack not large enough, need: 1, have:0 (too few arguments passed to function?) (in scripts/gernebelwerfer_stationary.cob:Shot1 at 28f)’

Got this message for every rocket fired, so it was spammed 6 times per attack, rockets seemed to be working fine.

This was on Goodwood, Map was Archers Vally

Sorry I haven’t been very active recently guys, school is a bitch and taking up most of my time but I still find time when I can :wink:

Thanks much goldsie, I’ll fix this tonight. Any help at all is much appreciated.

Simple fix, I was going to do it myself but then i realised i couldn’t recompile the script because someone ditched the old headers :unamused: :stuck_out_tongue:

Just replace suppressionvars with sharedDefs, if you’re still at it. I’ll do it now otherwise.

Fixed in SVN.