"Men Of War" Gametype option

Idea for a modoption gametype (I realize our others haven’t really become popular).

Basic rundown:

No structures, no starting units.

Players requisition units pretty much the exact same way aircraft sorties are currently requested; a menu with all possible units available to a side is immediately available to each player on game start (for ease of not having unitpics filling up the screen they could perhaps be organized into INFANTRY, GUNS, VEHICLES, LIGHT TANKS, MEDIUM/HEAVY TANKS, SP GUNS, clicking on which will open up the list of available units).

Unlike sorties, there would be no buildtime; any unit “bought” will immediately become available for deployment, which would handle like aircraft; clicking the icon of a deployable unit will allow players to issue a move or attack order which the unit will immediately assume upon spawning.

Like aircraft sorties, units would spawn on the map edge closest to their start position. The primary methodology for “metabalance” will be in arrival times; infantry squads would pretty much appear instantly or within a few seconds of calling while tanks and aircraft would take slightly longer.

Within this game mode there will be several submode options determining the exact type of game.

Type A will be a standard Deathmatch style game in which players win by destroying all of his enemy’s units. Players will begin with a set amount of Command points, such as 5,000 or 10,000, a resource pool from which players will begin to requisition units. As the game continues players will receive a constant but slow trickle of Command with which to aquire more units as the game goes on. However, this supply is not indefinate; this income of Command should eventually cease at a predetermined point (such as at the 100,000 mark)

This mode of gameplay, from observation, leads to interesting tactics; players are reluctant to spend big out of fear of having to wait a lengthy time for their Command to build up again. Players therefore try to make the most with the least amount of units. The relative slowness with which Command is generated and the relatively small amount available also makes it difficult to amass huge armies; although there are no buildtimes and deployment times are quite small, players should theoretically never have enough Command to requisition a huge blob to suddenly overwhelm the enemy (as saving up that much over that much time should leave players open to attack from a less conservative enemy). The inclusion of a “limit” to the amount of Command generated during the game puts a definitive end to a game which could theoretically continue indefinately.

Type B will involve the capture of strategic points on the map and a ticker system; essentially, players win or lose by capturing flags and ticking down his opponent. Type B is essentially a possible way to deal with “porcers” who may arise from Type A gameplay (though tbqh, from all my experience, porcers are a rare phenomenon in games which do not have “bases”). On the other hand, the ability to requisition more units somewhat belays the urge to porc since destruction of units are not final.

I think this gameplay mode would be more popular and likable than standard deployment. I know I’d like to play it. TBQH I would like to try and push S44 into having a substantially different “default” game mode that differs quite a lot from the TA standard of building bases and economies and mass producing units. I think it would also make our job easier; we wouldn’t have to worry about balancing costs for factories and buildtimes for units, yard upgrades, buildtrees and blah blah blah.

Think it over.

EDIT: Fleshing out ideas into more readable form after talk with Godde.

  1. Players begin with 10,000 Command standard (modifiable option). This is enough to buy, for instance, 4 Sherman tanks, or 3 Sherman 76mm, or about 6-8 infantry rifle squads, etc.

  2. From game start players are slowly given an additional amount of Command (100,000) at, let’s say, 100 Command/second. So for instance, every 30 seconds a US player could aquire a new Sherman tank; every 15 seconds a new infantry squad.

  3. Each player will also get an amount of Ticker Points. Certain actions can tick down this amount from the enemy; holding more flags than him and killing his units. The amount of Ticker Points removed from an enemy equates to its Command cost; ie killing a 3500 point Sherman 76mm will remove 3500 Ticker Points from the enemy (so we don’t have to deal with adding another value to unitdefs). Also, Flags come into play here; holding more flags than the enemy will create a slow but constant bleed to his Tickers.

  4. There will also be a time limit (modoption). When the time limit runs out, whoever has the most Ticket Points left wins.

I like the idea but I never want to replace the present default game design. I cannot stand deployment, just as I cannot stand simbase - and I think with the fear dynamic as well as the supply system we have an excellent game as is, which is no more TA than it is Starcraft.

This sounds intriguing, but I’m with Neddie on the point of not making this the ‘standard’ game mode. If nothing else, a system like this is too divergent from other RTS games to appeal to the existing audience of RTS gamers, so keeping the base building and flag capturing as the standard mode makes for a smoother learning curve. That said, I’d love to see this developed, mostly because I suck horribly at managing an economy.