Massive fights in kiev

Players: dorne vs PPsh
Map: 1944_Kiev_V4
Game version: Test-2758
Engine version: 0.81.2
Awesome rating (out of 5): *
Comments: Massive fight, dorne hit often the 100% CPU usage despite the speed of the game was 0.8 . (enter " /info " in game to see his cpu usage) High unit number might be the cause, but flame too.

Players: JAL vs PPsh
Map: 1944_Kiev_V4
Game version: Test-2764
Engine version: 0.81.2
Awesome rating (out of 5): ***
Comments: GER vs RUSSIA , i went arty early, i think he went for mass infantry. But in the end he is a damn quitter.

I hate completly artillery currently.

I reject completly the possibility of using it myself like you used it. I feel it is a terrible design, and it would be worth of playing another game.

The few fight who happenned before I left were all in my favor. You just sent your units blindly to death. So what will you do ? Artillery camping …

I have nothing against you, but against a design permitting this gameplay.

Unable to command your units well, you lose fights = you should lose the game. like in deployment

Players: JAL vs PPsh
Map: Deserted Gully
Game version: test-2754
Engine version: 0.81.2

Here I post the replay showing the strenght of hardenned stuffs against the “new” artillery range. Their cost effectiveness is obvious… and more obvious when you play the game than when you watch the replay.

If germans stay alone to have these stuffs, then they would be the only good side to play with.

This replay in Gully show exactly the problem of artillery and the solution I provided (hardenned stuffs, not buildable in every sides).

And this is why the baseless deployment mod of spriked is better for that artillery. This artillery range and the unability to have a base protected against it (except with germans) is a serious problem.

Creating severe unbalance between factions (with this hardenned storage) for some design purpose is terrible. Those who wanted to see hardenned german buildings did not expect they would give a so enormous advantage against artillery.

No way, I will play Deployment until I could be sure that my factories and storages could not be destroyed by an artillery located in the ennemy base. Seeing my infantry dying when they spawn in their barracks due to artillery is extremely problematic too.
Additionnaly, I think a baseless is more realistic.
Artillery with 6000-7000 range is like berthas is Balanced Anihilation, you counter it with force shields (hardenned stuffs in s44).

Remember that OTA had Berthas and did not have shields.

If you realy have fun with this, that is good. but for me it is not fun. If you want absolutely to see such artillery, then I would prefer to switch to deployment mod.

I hope an auto-host like the one currently present for the test version would be created for the deployment or a downloadable game-file.

If spiked helmet reads this, this would help greatly noobs to install this mod