Massive Command on ThatBridge

Players: JAL (Rus) vs Robshot (Ger)
Game version:revision 2707
Engine version: 0.81.2
Awesome rating (out of 5): **(*)
Comments: I was blown to pieces by arty, kathy, air and whatsoever… Did not realise that there was basically unlimited amount of Command on the map right away. I was not really able to use it i.e. early in the game. Allowed to build a lot of stuff. Short before I fell King Tigers and Jagdpanzers took their toll (when I produced lots of scout planes). Before that I was too blind and could not see things coming.
I still have to get used to the handling i.e. I lacked infantry so bad and should have kept all important units on autobuild. Infantry got stuck in the baracks and sometimes I thought they stopped building units. Hope this is still interesting to watch.

That map has loads of command. Like a total of +1200 command income.

Apart from that it caused eye cancer :smiley:

+1200!? good lord. I don’t think there’s any possible way you could have ever consumed that much…I guess if you had 6 tank yards and a few barracks and a few upgraded gunyards and 1-2 radars working all the time, but…yowch.

I’m usually a skunk and set command income to max, it gets close but with 7-8 flags under my control I can usually have 4 tank yards, four gun yards, two vehicle yards, and 7 or 8 barracks, although not all are running simultaneously.

Tiger88, you should play in multiplayer.

I am sure your tactics are far from optimal.

Probably. I’ve never been a huge adherent to the idea of efficiency in RTS games; I generally try to build up a massive economy and a top-heavy military. Realistically any opponent that lets me build up a force of thirty-plus KTs deserves defeat.