Marketing Market Garden

I would like to end up with at least four new regulars.We haven’t had a solid marketing push ever. What are we going to do?


Translate the guide into brasilian portuguese. They don’t stay because the learning angle is kind of steep and their language abilities are poor (and so they stall when climbing on that steep angle, and subsequently, stop playing). This of course depends on whether or not you expect those new regulars to be able to speak ingrish.

I’d settle for third-rate English, it isn’t like most Americans can speak it anyway! Regulars without English are fine as well.

I’d prefer we finish the guide in English first so those of us completely new to Spring don’t sit there staring blankly and wondering what the hell does what. If that gets completed along with the new UI, use that as a package to dump places for more focused recruiting efforts. A quick “hey, this game I’m playing rules you should check it out” blurb with some fresh, hi-res screenshots and a link to a fully developed guide is going to catch more long-term users than shiny adverts.

Technically speaking, that would be a shiny advert.